Day 3: Zapper fallout

The good kind: Inspired by my commitment to zap household clutter for good in 2009, my dear partner (DP) completely eliminated one of the bulging bags of mail and papers in hall closet #1 today. As with my tiny bit of desk clearing yesterday, I feel buoyant every time I open that closet door. Just one sack gone makes a difference.

Although my fifteen-minute-a-day clutter clearing commitment is for the five business days of the week only, I too was on a roll today and, sans timer, dumped moldy refrigerated goods, emptied all the trash baskets, and carted two loads of laundry down to the basement and back to the third floor. Hope this signals a trend.

Squidoo News: Completed first draft of my brand new (and only) Squidoo lens on the clutter project: Zap your clutter! I’d appreciate feedback from anyone who might see this post, if you have the time.

Twitter News: Two people are now following me. The first, amybleser is an internet marketer and photographer, among other things, so I’m sure to learn good things following her. The second, jpetals, kindly responded to a question I had about why I should hope to get thousands of followers on Twitter. She indicates that beau coup followers up the chances for beau coup traffic on external sites, which seems perfectly obvious now she points it out.


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