Day 4: The power of setting intention

I’m downright amazed at the amount of clutter that disappeared in our house over the weekend. We tamed half a dozen bushels of laundry, washed and kept up with the dishes, cooked and ate every meal at home, put away craft projects for the week, cleared empty packing boxes from the hall and dirty socks from all the places I tend to slip them off and forget about them.

You can’t tell we did all that, looking at the surface most places in the house, but one complete success is the meditation altar, which looked like this on January 1.

Former meditation altar 01-01-09

Former meditation altar 01-01-09

Tonight, the altar is available again for clearing the mind, making peace, sitting serene.

Serene meditation space

Serene meditation space

All this, after one fifteen minute clutter clearing session on Friday. We didn’t set out to clear more clutter this weekend. We seemed independently energized, motivated.

This is the power of setting intention.


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