Day 5: Second fifteen-minute session saves $$$

Desk tidier after 15 minutes paring the clutter

Desk tidier after 15 minutes paring the clutter

Remember this? This is my desk last Friday after the first fifteen-minute clutter clearing session. Beaucoup improvement, but not where I want it yet, which is clutter free and dustable.

That stack of papers on my desk includes financial documents each requiring time and attention, and I didn’t get to all of them, but I stopped cold at the fifth one. I had two days left to pay a bill or risk penalties and extra interest. I wrote the check, stamped the envelope and ran the thing down to the corner mailbox. Whew! Saved myself some hard-earned cash.

How I feel: Grateful to have discovered that bill and sent it off in time. I’ve cost myself more money over the years simply by forgetting to take care of bills in a timely way. Do you do that occasionally?

Strategy update: Take an extra minute to shuffle through a recent pile in case there’s something critical that needs addressing. If the pile is humongous, like some I have lying about, revert to handling one document at a time and take my lumps.

Next: Continue to sort and respond to the remaining papers in the pile.


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