Day 8: Only one piece of paper left on desk

I can’t believe it. I cleared all but one piece of paper from the desk pile tonight. That is, I cleared all but one of mine. The remaining two belong to my DP, so will stay where they are. Wow. Only one piece of paper requires my attention tomorrow night.

How I feel: Totally relieved! This is going to work. Chances are that pile would still be here, along with a whole lot of other stuff if I had not made this fifteen minute commitment last week. There’s hope for living in a clean, beautiful home.

Strategy update: Even when I feel too tired to do the fifteen minutes, as I did last night, and even when I’m famished and feel I must have dinner first, as I did Tuesday night, and even when there is something more important to do, as there was tonight, KEEP MY DATE WITH MYSELF for just fifteen minutes when I get home in the evening. It is so worth the time.

Next: Handle that one piece of paper tomorrow night, then begin clearing the clutter in the top desk drawer. I’ll tell you why that’s my next target when I post tomorrow night.


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