Day 25: Clear top desk drawer clutter

Top desk drawer supposed to hold pens, markers and rulers

Top desk drawer supposed to hold pens, markers and rulers

What is all this stuff? This is how our top drawer looked tonight before I began clearing the clutter. Right on top is a Starbucks gift card I received months ago. How did it get there? This drawer is supposed to hold pens, markers, rulers, and letter openers. Before I could find any of those, though, I had to clear two tubes of hand cream, an old toothbrush, a blank gift card without an envelope, money, nail files, gum, and a note with the name of my friend’s mother and the organization to which I was to have sent a memorial donation a year ago.

I put every one of those items where they belong, went online, made the donation and sent an e-card to my friend to let her know.

How I feel: Good. I feel good for having made room in that drawer and put the other things where they belong and where they can be of use. I especially feel good that I finally took care of that donation. It’s been in the back of my mind all this time, and I was ashamed to admit to my friend that I had lost the note containing her mother’s name and memorial info.

Strategy update: Unfinished business creates mind clutter. When there’s something you mean to do, stop and do it so you can move on. It’s never to late to do the right thing.

Next: This drawer is going to take at least fifteen more minutes. What do you think? Shall I check every pen and pencil to see if they work? Or shall I go for simply clearing the items that don’t belong there.


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