Days 10-24: Life intervenes

Well, puhdoodie. We were busy with family on Days 10 & 11, a weekend, and since I’m only clearing clutter five days a week, that was fine. Alas and alack, on Day 12 I had a recurrence of the stomach flu, followed by eight days of back pain that kept me from most of my evening computer work. On top of that, every four weeks, I work twelve to thirteen hour days or more. That was last week, and I came home too bushed to eat some of those days, much less tackle one more pile of clutter.

How I feel: Disappointed in myself for falling off the commitment so quickly.

Strategy update: Clearly, I need to plan for the unexpected. I also need to decide how I will handle the conflict between long work hours, fatigue and my desire to keep on track clearing my clutter.

Stumbling block 1: What to do about unexpected illness and other vide interruptus? As the sages say, crud happens. When it does, I’ll take time out to take care of myself, get well as quickly as possible, and return to task without guilt, which is emotional clutter and a big time waster.

Stumbling block 2: What to do about the every fourth week I work long, exhausting hours? I was aware each evening last week that, while I was motivated to do my fifteen minutes of clutter clearing, I did not have the energy to document my progress. I let that stumbling block stop me cold, so here’s what I’m going to do: Keep my commitment to spend fifteen minutes clearing clutter, but only after I’ve rested a bit and nourished my body. What I probably won’t do those days: Post here.

Next: Begin clearing the clutter in the desk drawers. Not glamorous, I know, but I discovered very quickly while clearing the desk top that it was extremely difficult to put away desk items because the drawers were packed with junk. Instead of four tidy office supply receptacles, I am faced with four difficult-to-close junk drawers.


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