Day 26: Top drawer neat and tidy

Top desk drawer tidy with its pens, markers and other tools easy to get to and use

Top desk drawer tidy with its pens, markers and other tools easy to get to and use

It took only a few minutes to finish tidying the drawer. I found enough quarters to do a load of wash, a hair band, an old grocery list, a Starbucks receipt, a pretty read bead (to what, for Pete’s sake?), and glory be, my pocket knife. I’ve been wondering where that thing got to for two or three years now. A good pocketknife is as useful in emergencies as the proverbial hairpin of old. I put it in my handbag, where it belongs.

I chose not to test every pen and marker for ink. We’ll discard them one at a time as we use them. The good news is, most of the pens in our drawer are refillable, as opposed to the disposables we used to buy by the gross. Sure, we still have to dispose of the empty refills, but they’re much smaller, and at least fifty percent of their packaging is recyclable. The other good news is, I found refills for most of the pens, as well as leads and erasers for the automatic pencils. They were lost under all the junk.

How I feel: Pleased and a little giddy to have nicked away one tiny thorn in my daily life.

Strategy update: Always go for the solution that will take the least time overall. Faced with a slew of pens and pencils that may or may not have outlived their usefulness, I could have spent another evening or two testing them one by one. That would have been a waste of time. Next time we pick up a pen, it will take one second to pitch if it turns out to be useless.

Next: Dive into drawer two.


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