That didn’t go as planned

Spider Solitaire passes the time

Coddling malaise with time-wasting drivel

So right off the bat, I allow myself to become totally distracted the very next day. It’s not that I was humongous busy, though I should have been. It’s that I suffered a little set-back in the depression department. There I was, all eager-beaver on Monday. On Tuesday, all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and suck my psychic thumb. I didn’t. But being productive was a struggle. Instead of half an hour, the dishes took me two FULL hours. Instead of taking the next step to get my packages off the table and out the door, I succumbed to the mindless dribble of Spider Solitaire for another two hours. Make that three. I’d get up to do something and forget what it was. I’d dabble with something else, then get lost in sorting the tableware.

That’s the thing about clutter. It messes with our minds. Or maybe our minds are messy to begin with, and we let the clutter pile up outside, reflecting what’s on the inside.

As if Tuesday wasn’t bad enough–and not that Wednesday was bad, mind you; it was a wonderful day–but on Wednesday I did not make good on my pledge to myself, publicly stated here for anyone who happens by to see, either. My sweet granddaughter came to play Wednesday. All day. I did pick up a few things here and there, and put them in their proper places, to be sure. In fact, I spent thirty minutes tidying the house, so technically one might say I did clear clutter that day. But it didn’t feel the same as taking that next step I’d promised. And there surely wasn’t a moment to stop and write about it.

All is not lost

Dirt and crud on floor and baseboards behind stove

Dirt and crud on floor and baseboards behind stove

But yesterday. Yesterday was different altogether. Yesterday I absolutely HAD to mop the kitchen floor. No getting around it. It wasn’t that dirty, but I cook a lot, and when I cooks, I spills. That’s all there is to it. I have to mop frequently. If I don’t, the ants will march in and carry the entire room into their holes between the walls. Before I can mop, of course, I must vacuum, and feeling extra industrious, I decided to pull out the stove and refrigerator and mop beneath them as well. It had been a while, and with all the extra holiday baking and saucing, I knew there would be some messes. See what I mean?

You don’t think that’s clutter? Believe me, all that cat hair and grunge is cluttering up my clean floor. What’s  more, I found a fur ball under there. The kind the cat upchucks. You bet I cleaned it up..

The refrigerator wasn’t as bad, because I pull it out about once a month to vacuum the coils (Saves energy, saves the environment and Planet Earth, saves $$$).

Total time: About thirty  minutes, including waiting for the floor to finish drying after I swished a clean rag to sop up most of the wet.

Floor and baseboards clean

Floor and baseboards clean; The tiles are marbled, so they look spotted, but they were gleaming

How I feel: Surprisingly good, for something so small and mostly unseen.

Only I know whether the floor beneath my stove and refrigerator is clean. The thing is: I know. So I’ve been going around all day with a happy little smile on my face, glad that mess is gone till the next time I boil something over and it drips down and through all the creases and crevices. Sadly, there will be no more cat hair cleanups. Our bundle of furry joy left us a while back. Of course, there’s that silver lining of no more cat hair! Still.

I’m not even going to put a next step down, because that didn’t work so well on Monday. I will come back tomorrow, though, and show you the mess I cleaned up today.


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