Utility closet cupboard, second shelf

Sunday. A day of rest. No special plans, and clearing a little clutter feels calming after the last two weeks. A dear family member had surgery. Others have had colds and flu, and I’ve enjoyed lots of extra days with two of our grandchildren. This is a happy kind of tired.

I’m giving myself a couple of fifteen minute clutter clearing sessions today because it feels good, starting with the second shelf in the utility closet cupboard. It’s amazing how much junk we can cram onto these shelves!

Cluttered shelf in back porch utility cupboard

Second shelf in back porch cupboard is of little use in this state

I lay all the junk on the floor and decide the fate of each piece, one at a time.

IMG_9891 sm

Contents of the second shelf in the utility closet

I’ll keep the plain extension cord, but we don’t need those electrical strips any longer. They go in the giveaway box. The disinfecting wipes are past their use-by date , not by months, but by years! I dispose of the wipes and recycle the tub.

The tool kit will stay on the shelf for now, where we can get at the tools quickly and easily. I file the Swivel Sweeper instruction manual against the day we need to do a repair or replace a part. All the other paper items go directly to the recycle bin.

The telephone and computer electronic bits belong in a drawer in the study. Easy peasy! I toss the shims–plastic and wood–into a bin in the tool chest, where we keep such things. One day I’ll need to declutter the tool chest, but for now, I don’t let myself get distracted with that chore.

Most of the cleaning supplies go right back on the shelf. These are cleaning supplies we use occasionally, not every day. But look! In this mix are a couple of cleaning products I use nearly every day. They go under the kitchen sink. Voilà! Done!

Tidy second shelf

Tidy second shelf, ready for more cleaning supplies

Here’s the shelf after fifteen minutes of casual effort. A lazy Susan tray would make it easier to fetch the cleaning supplies when we need them. I could use one under the kitchen sink too. I’ll make a note to pick up a couple next time I visit the neighborhood hardware store.

I spend another fifteen minutes advertising the electrical strips on Freecycle.org and responding to interested parties. A woman wants them for her non-profit, which is setting up an office in the city this week. We set a date and time for the pickup.  All done in a trice!

What decluttering project are you working on in the coming week?


2 thoughts on “Utility closet cupboard, second shelf

  1. If I could just stick to 15 minutes a day of de-cluttering I really would be accomplishing something. My days are so busy that it seems I can’t fit it in. I could, but something else is always more important….like this evening I am working on a fairly large crochet order of puffs and soap savers.


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