That’s one tiny robot shipped, one big clutter bug out of my hair

Since I last wrote, I’ve been pretty good about clearing a little clutter most days.

One BIG project I got done–and it’s big in the sense that it was heavy on my mind–is sending off my floor-cleaning robot to the repair shop.

The Mint robotic floor cleaner, quietly mopping the living room floor

The Mint robotic floor cleaner, quietly mopping the living room floor

I’ve had this wonderful tool for almost three years. If your life is way too busy to spend an hour or so each week mopping the floors, you should consider one of these little gems. You can learn more in an article I wrote about all the ways I love my Mint robotic floor cleaner.

This compact machine quietly and efficiently dust mops all our wood and tile floors, then just as efficiently and quietly wet mops them.

You can imagine my reaction when, smack in the thick of the holidays, it broke down. Rrrrrr.

Nothing for it but to set it aside. Wouldn’t you know, my Mint soon became part of the clutter, both in the house and in my mind. Every morning I would waken thinking, “Today I HAVE to figure out how to fix the Mint.” All day long, that thought, nagging at the back of my mind.

Do you have clutter like that? Something that looms in front of you every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to sleep? Take action on that project, even if all you do is set the timer and spend fifteen minutes on it.

If it’s a broken appliance, fix it or pitch it.

Replace or repair a broken machine before it becomes clutter

Wish I had! Why did I let the Mint clutter my mind and my home for two whole months? Time to repair it or replace it. Thumbing the manual, I ticked methodically through the troubleshooting steps–for two full 15-minute clutter-clearing sessions.

Yes, I made myself stop when the timer went off. Boy, was that hard to do!

The culprit: Worn out wheels and treads. That little cleaner had run so many miles on our floors that the wheel treads needed replacing.

After a fairly quick phone call (one more 15-minute session) and only a few minutes grinding my teeth through tinny, wobbly Muzak, I received the verdict. Nothing for it but to send the little darling off for repairs.

When time is money, spend one or the other

One afternoon when the mite (my two-year-old granddaughter) was here, she and I trundled the Mint down to a store that does all the packing and shipping for us. They took care of everything. The extra $10 was well worth the time and aggravation I saved that day.

I admit, walking with a two-year-old, I spent more than my allotted fifteen minutes just getting to the store, but we made our errand an adventure. Call it multitasking.

The satisfaction at knowing my Mint would soon return, all fixed and ready to roll perhaps hundreds more miles over my floors? Think me, dusting off my hands and doing a happy jig with the two-year-old.

Should I be discouraged that it took four days of clutter-clearing sessions to accomplish this one task? Not on your kiester! Or mine either. It’s done!

What clutter-gone mess are you celebrating today?


3 thoughts on “That’s one tiny robot shipped, one big clutter bug out of my hair

    • That’s the spirit! Which one are you going to do? I hope you’ll share what you picked and what you decided to do about it.

      Me? I’ve two more broken thingamigs taking up space where they don’t belong, and those are just the ones I know about in this moment.

      One bit at a time.


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