Early morning light out our window

Early morning light outside our window

Hello! My name is Kate, and this is the journal of my clutter clearing odyssey. I intend to create a living space as clean and fresh as the early morning light outside our window.

Imagine! It’s New Years Day 2016. We’ve invited all our friends who, like us, are too old to get a thrill staying up till midnight on New Years Eve, but love celebrating the promise of new beginnings on the first day of the year.

I’m pulling two gorgeous quiches from the oven. A bottle of chilled champagne and a pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice await. There’s a beautiful coconut-ambrosia salad on the table and a bouquet of spring tulips on the coffee table.

Everything sparkles. The doorbell rings and we welcome our friends without the slightest twinge of embarrassment for the stacks of magazines, unopened mail, unpacked moving boxes, piles of forgotten junk, and unsent Christmas packages and cards because there are none!

We can hang the guests’ wraps in the coat closet because we can open the door and get to the hangars. We don’t mind if a snoopy friend pokes into the linen closet because it’s tidy and well-organized. Heck, they can look under the bed if they want. They’ll find no dust bunnies there.

That’s the house I want. Can I have it? By 2016? We’ll see.

Origins. This blog began on New Year’s Day, 2009, to chronicle my attempt to gain control over the clutter in my life. Two years later, I’d nearly forgotten the blog, but we’d cleared a lot of clutter in our home. Still, there were messes aplenty. I decided to give it another go. Forgot the blog again. Kept clearing clutter, developing new habits.

Note that I didn’t collapse in a heap and let the stuff keep piling up just because I failed to keep this journal regularly, or even often, for four whole years. We kept going, my sweetheart and I. We’re far from having a clutter-free house. But we keep plugging away at it.

Backsliding. When our lives got busy with grandchildren–and a wedding!–we took a break. Clutter schmutter. We were having too much fun! Today, I’m back to clearing clutter fifteen minutes a day, five days a week  most weekdays. I’m not rigid about it. What’s most important is that I keep nibbling away at those piles and building new habits to avoid making the piles in the first place.

When you’ll see new posts: Infrequently. In fact, as I update this page today, January 4, 2015, I’m chagrined to see I haven’t posted for twenty-three months and a day! Mon Dieu. I can do better than that.

You won’t see a new post every time I clear clutter. I’ll post when I can, often enough that anyone facing the same problem can take heart they’re not the only one with a messy house and a yearning for something better.

Whenever possible, I’ll include before and after pix, and the tips and tools that help me keep the clutter at bay. If you like, you can check out the most useful clutter-clearing tools here: Zap Your Clutter! on HubPages. Check it out.

Biggest goal this year: Learning how to keep the clutter gone, once I’ve zapped it.


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  1. Hi there Kate and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog – I just had to pop over and see a fellow traveller. I will have to come back when I have more time as I am in the middle of decluttering and had just sneaked a few minutes off to have a cuppa when I noticed your comment. It is hard keeping up with a blog – I often forget to take the before pictures for something I have done but like the decluttering I keep persevering – I hope you eventually reach your goal.


    • You’re welcome, Vivien. I became an instant fan of your Re-Routed blog with the first post I ran across. I agree that it is is difficult keeping up a blog, as anyone reading this one can see! I can do, and I can write about it, but I can’t always do both in a timely way. : )

      I didn’t get to read all your posts, so I’ll be back for more visits. Thanks for stopping by.


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